Rock Pup Chassis / Aluminum Dump Body

General Information

Combining over 50 years of trailer manufacturing, with the most durable materials available, has resulted in a lightweight rig that will provide a maximum payload with years of dependable service. Give us the specifications of your job and we will use our years of experience to design a rig that will maximize your haul and profit!

Cornhusker 800 will build a rig that will conform to any state’s bridge law.

Detailed Specs


Pre-Fabricated C-Channel Steel Construction
Spread Lengths Available in 10’8″ or 11’2″
Ridewell 266 Air Ride Available with Drum or Disc Brakes
Standard Black Paint with Color Options Available
Premier Pintle 2400A Hook-Up 
Telescoping Tongue
Wheels: Aluminum
Tires: Most Major Brands
Muncie Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
Chassis Installed with a Cornhusker 800 Aluminum Dump Body: 14′, 15′, 15’6″, 16′, 16’6″
Bare Chassis Available upon Request


Aluminum Dump Body Sizes: 14′, 15′, 15’6″, 16′, 16’6″
Side Height: 54″, 57″, 60″, 66″ = 60″ Standard is Size
.190 Brite Wall Material
1/4″ Flooring Material
Rubber Sealed Tailgate
Rubber Bottom Box Sill
Spreader Chains

Pup Options:

Center Lift Axle
3 Steps on the Front Nose of the Pup Frame

Dump Body Options:

Side Steps
Asphalt Lip
Grain Gate
Cab Shield Cover
Tail Gate Safety Winders
Tarp System: Shur-Co Manual, Electric Shur-Co Cable Lock System


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