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Cornhusker 800 is one of only a few bulk commodity trailer manufacturers with proven experience manufacturing a Carbon Black Commodity Hopper Trailer. Cornhusker 800 has teamed with some of the premier Carbon Black carriers to develop a safe, lightweight, high cube Carbon Black Trailer.

The Cornhusker 800 Carbon Black Trailer is both user-friendly, safe, and water-tight. The aluminum roof also offers a tether tie offs for added worker protection.

Unloading the Cornhusker 800 Carbon Black Trailer is made simple by utilizing a 42 degree hardened aluminum slope, pneumatic vibrators, sample valves, and bottom car valves. Cornhusker 800 utilizes engineering, high strength aluminum sheets, and extrusions to create a Carbon Black trailer that is one of the lightest trailers in the industry. Our typical 48′ long X 109-1/2″ tall X 102″ wide Carbon Black trailer has a starting weight of 12,000 lbs.

Maximize your Carbon Black haul by using a lightweight Cornhusker 800 Carbon Black trailer.

Detailed Specs

Length: 48′
Side Height Ranges from 99.5″ to 111.5″
102″ Trailer Width Only
Black Side Skin
(1/2/3) Rows of (3/5/7/9/13) Grote LED Lights (2 1/2″ or 3/4″ Button Lights)
Aluminum Kingpin Section
Jost Alumilight Landing Gear
Aluminum Subframe Section
Ridewell 266 Air Ride Suspension with Drum or Disc Brakes
Aluminum Wheels fitted with Most Major Tire Brands
Water Tight Roof System with Catwalk and Tether Safety System: (13) Salco 16″ Hatch Covers (3) 20″ Salco Hatch Covers  
(1) 2″ Individual Sample Valve on Each Hopper 
Salco Butterfly Car Valve Carbon Dispensing System @ Each Hopper
1.25″ or 2″ Vibrators with Luber Regulator


Smooth Stainless Steel Skins (Partial or Full Coverage for Front/Rear and/or both)
Front or Rear Auto Lift
Semi-Fluid Grease Hubs
P.S.I. Auto Inflation System
Kingpin Depth Settings 18″ — 30″ in 2″ increments
Rear Tow Loops
Personalized Rear Skirt Sign (Lighted or Reflective Wording / Logo)

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