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Take advantage of your states bridge laws by maximizing your payload with a Cornhusker800 Grain Double.  Our Grain Double Commodity Hopper Trailer uses our proven Converter Dolly or Turntable design to marry 2 Hopper Trailers.

These units prove that “Our Specialization is your Customization”.  The Grain Doubles have been instant money makers in states that allow these units to be on the road. The engineering that goes into our Convertor Dolly and Turntable designs makes these unit user friendly and stands up to the job at hand.

When thinking of productivity and profitability, this Grain Double set up is a winner in applicable states.

Detailed Specs

36.5′ Lead Trailer Length (for Custom Size Inquire with Salesman)
36.5′ Rear Trailer Length (for Custom Size Inquire with Salesman)
Side Height Ranges from 67.5″ to 103.5″
96″ or 102″ Trailer Widths
White, Black, or Gray Skins
(1/2/3) Rows of (3/5/7/9/13) Grote LED Lights (2 1/2″ or 3/4″ Button Lights)
Aluminum Kingpin Section
Jost Alumilight Landing Gear
Fabbed 30″ X 40″ Aluminum Roller Trap with Aluminum Door
2-Speed Manual Gearbox
Aluminum Subframe Section
Ridewell 266 Air Ride Suspension with Drum or Disc Brakes
10’2″ Spread
Aluminum Wheels fitted with Most Major Tire Brands
Shur-Co Manual Tarp System with 18 oz. Diamond Core Tarp
3-Axle Converter Dolly with Ridewell 8″ Underslung Suspensions and Holland 5-Wheel Plate
1 or 2 Axle Turntable


White, Black, or Gray Smooth Side Skins (Covers Stake Sides)
Smooth Stainless Steel Skins (Partial or Full Coverage for Front/Rear and/or both)

Additional Lighting Customization and Clear Lens LEDs

Kingpin Depth Settings 18″ — 30″ in 2″ increments
Additional Trap Door Size 24″ x 40″
Shur-Co Electric Pro Trap or Thunder Hydraulic Powered Traps
Knock Rails
1.25″ and 2″ Vibrators with Luber Regulator
Lift Axles Available
Semi-Fluid Grease Hubs
P.S.I Tire Auto Inflation System Available
Multiple Tarp Colors, 22 oz. Material, Reinforced Bows, and Ridge Pole Options
Shur-Co Enclosed Tarp End Caps
Rear Tow Loops
Personalized Rear Skirt Sign (Lighted or Reflective Wording / Logo)

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