3 AXLE AND Spread

General Information

Utilize your state’s increased weight limits with a lightweight Cornhusker 800 3-Axle/Spread Commodity Hopper Trailer to maximize your payload and profit. Over 50 years of trailer manufacturing experience, combined with the light weight and high strength of aluminum, led to the development of a 3-Axle/Spread Hopper Trailer with one of the lowest empty weights in the industry.

Our Cornhusker 800 46′ 6″ 3-Axle Hopper Trailer has and estimated weight of less than 9500 lbs., including 10 tires and all of our standard features. Simply provide us your state’s bridge law formula and we will build a trailer to maximize your haul. We also build custom trailers to fit any of your specialized applications.

Detailed Specs

Lengths Range from 46.5′ to 53′ (Inquire if Custom Size Required)
Side Height Ranges from 67.5″ to 103.5″ (In 4″ Increments)
96″ or 102″ Trailer Width
White, Black, or Gray Skins
(1/2/3) Rows of (3/5/7/9/13) Grote LED Lights (2 1/2″ or 3/4″ Button Lights)
Aluminum Kingpin Section
Jost Alumilight Landing Gear
Fabbed 30″ X 40″ Aluminum Roller Trap with Aluminum Door
2-Speed Manual Gearbox
Aluminum Subframe Section
10’2″ Spread with Evenly Spaced Axles or Moved Up to a 49″ Spacing with the Front Axle
Ridewell 266 Air Ride Suspension with Drum or Disc Brakes
Standard Rear Lift Axle
Manual Dump Valve or in a Plastic Box Enclosure
Aluminum Wheels fitted with Most Major Tire Brands
Shur-Co Manual Tarp System with 18 oz. Diamond Core Tarp
White, Black, or Gray Smooth Side Skins (Covers Stake Sides)
Smooth Stainless Steel Skins (Partial or Full Coverage for Front/Rear and/or both)
Additional Lighting Customization and Clear Lens LEDs
Kingpin Depth Settings 18″ — 30″ in 2″ increments
Additional Trap Door Sizes 24″ x 40″ / 30″ X 52″ / 36″ X 40″
Shur-Co Electric Pro Trap or Thunder Hydraulic Powered Traps
Knock Rails
1.25″ or 2″ Vibrators with Luber Regulator
Additional Spreads include 9’1″, 10’8″, 11’2″ with Evenly Spaced Axles or Moved Up to a 49″ Spacing with the Front Axle
Front Auto Lift Available
Rear Lift Kit
Semi-Fluid Grease Hubs
P.S.I Tire Auto Inflation System
Shur-Co Electric Pro Trap or Thunder Hydraulic Trap
Shur-Co 4500HD or Thunder 7000 Powered Tarp System
Multiple Tarp Colors, 22 oz. Material, Reinforced Bows, and Ridge Pole Available
Shur-Co Enclosed Tarp End Caps
3rd Hopper (200 cu ft): Available with or without Rear Discharge Chute
Rear Tow Loops
Personalized Rear Skirt Sign (Lighted or Reflective Wording / Logo)